Sunday, December 05, 2021

Linguini with white clam sauce

This has become an annual between-the-holidays dish for us. Many of the local fishmongers sell coques (cockles) this time of year. Cockles are essentially clams, but much smaller. They are harvested off the shores of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, from Iceland in the north through Europe to as far south as Senegal in the west of Africa.

A hurried photo (I was hungry!) We may have these again a time or two before the season is over.

I got a kilogram of the bivalves for Saturday's lunch. Although the fishmonger said these had already been disgorged, Ken put them into a saltwater bath for a couple of hours with some cornmeal just to be sure. And we're glad he did because they expelled a lot of sand, and sand isn't fun to munch on.

As usual, the coques are steamed in a white wine sauce with minced shallot and garlic and plenty of black pepper. Ken added a dash of red pepper flakes for a little kick. When the clams open, they're ready to be mixed into cooked and drained linguini (250 grams dry) and garnished with chopped parsley. Serve with crusty bread and a crisp white wine. Lunch is ready!


  1. Looks and sounds delicious. It would have been a shame to have them sand and all.

  2. I second what Mitchell said!

  3. I don't even usually eat clams (except in clam chowder or linguini with clam sauce), but I always enjoy when you or Ken post about this :)

  4. Lunch? This is my 'last meal request'.
    I have longed to make this dish, a sort of bucket list of the kitchen. I've delayed it for decades as I don't trust the local clams.

  5. mitch, yeah, we lucked out. I don't like those kinds of claims, especially when they're false. Like pre-washed herbs... I always wash them anyway.

    chm, :)

    evelyn, tasting with our eyes!

    judy, we like clam chowder, too. Ken wants to make some soon!

    chris, is that a thing? LOL

    michael, the best clams in the desert are probably fossils. Maybe something to try in PEI?


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