Friday, December 17, 2021


Gray days and early evenings call for colorful candles in the house. The candles in these cups are what we Americans would call tea lights. In French, they're bougies chauffe plat (plate warming candles). The cups themselves, votive holders in the US, are called photophores in French.

I got the cup holder in the US long ago. It came with clear glass cups. I found these colored cups here in France.

Did you know that there's a difference between tea lights and votive candles? I didn't. Tea lights are shorter and are contained in a metal cup that makes replacing the candle very easy. Votives are taller and are just bare candles that melt into whatever container you put them in. I just looked at Amazon for some battery-powered LED tea lights. That would make buying wax candles every year a thing of the past and eliminate the need to recycle the metal containers.


  1. for $50.00

  2. I do enjoy seeing your candelabra every year. Even if it is bougie!

  3. I love the candelabra also, especially when accented with your mighty jade and Christmas trees.

  4. We got some LED candles with a remote control - one set of 12 and another of 7. We are having great fun eating by candle light without worrying about setting fire to our celebration. They are even waterproof so we could put some outside - could also pour a little water in the top and maybe see them shimmer? We did set them to "flicker". We still avoid passing anything over them - old habits die hard!

  5. chm, thanks!

    mitch, judy, I think I missed something...

    evelyn, :)

    sillygirl, ha! They certainly do!

    bettyann, :)

  6. Bougie is a slang (derogatory) term for the bourgeoisie. A few months ago, I found candles in a local shop labeled LA BOUGIE and, not knowing it was French for candle, I thought it was an odd brand. I think you then suggested something about “bougie smugglers.”


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