Tuesday, December 07, 2021


I've got a few errands to run this morning. First up: a haircut. Our stylist was closed for a while because she was having surgery, so I haven't had my hair cut since mid-August. I've been called "scruffy-looking." Time to fix that. After that, the recycling center, the post office, and a stop in the grocery store for a few things that are on sale. What an exciting day ahead!

Tall grasses, seasonably brown.


  1. I thought the picture was your hair until I read what it was. Indeed, a very exciting day!

  2. August? Yeah, from the looks of that photo, you ARE scruffy. Sounds like a fun day to me. I’m three days overdue for my buzz cut. And I think I look scruffy!

  3. I'm thinking about a haircut today also, but I'm not as overdue as you lol.

  4. Them in't grasses.... them's Fireweed [Rosebay willowherb]!
    I'm feeling the same as you about wig trimming.... but French hairdressers don't leave hair long!
    I am an aulde hippy!

  5. chm, mary, lol! It did look a little like that, only grayer.

    mitch, I got what they call le dégradé américain (the American fade cut).

    evelyn, haha!

    tim, thanks. I wondered what those white thready things were. Now I know!

  6. My hair grows in what I think would be called a Reverse American Fade Cut.


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