Wednesday, December 15, 2021


We're having our typical late fall/early winter temperature inversion. High pressure is keeping the rain systems away, but it's also pinning the fog to the ground. The days are still and gray with no wind. You can hear condensation dripping from the trees. All sound is muffled. It's almost spooky. And it's predicted to last all week.

We didn't see the sun at all yesterday. The fog has been much thicker. Photo taken 26 December 2011.

This photo is from ten years ago this month, taken from the guest room window at sunset. The utility pole on the right is long gone; the power lines serving our hamlet were put underground. But that pole on the left is still with us because they didn't put the distribution lines underground, so each house is still connected by aerial wires for power and land-line telephone service.


  1. I love that golden glow. I also love how the world sounds under a dense blanket of fog.

  2. Interesting photo, Walt! You must have added that "golden glow" or is that moonlight? What time do you think you might have taken it? (This is a test of your memory skills!) - Sometimes the moon wakes me with it's brightness during December in particular. Activities are starting to pile up - so I am sending you an early birthday wish now! Enjoy your steak pauvre- isn't that correct?

  3. mitch, the fog was magical (but windy and cold) in SF.

    mary, that's the sun peeking through a cover of fog. I didn't add the glow, although I enhanced it a bit. I took the photo at 16h43 (4:43pm) on December 26, 2011. The camera records all that info so I don't have to remember! And thanks for the birthday wishes! The dish is "steak au poivre." Steak pauvre would be "poor steak." LOL!

  4. Perhaps that's what the cow would like us to call it! Merci pour la correction! I still haven't fixed steak au pauvre, but your birthday dinner always looks so delicious! Maybe this year! (better hurry, right?)

    Yesterday, the view west of the coastal range really fooled me! There wasn't any fog, nor was there any sun in the view, but the clouds were so white and the rest of the range was covered in snow. Yet, I thought that was the most snow I had ever seen there! Later in the morning, sure enough, there was just a slight covering of snow, the rest had been the clouds! Earlier I used my phone for a photo, but I didn't get a good shot; it was too distant. Your photo is even more amazing now that you've explained about the fog. Those outside influences sometimes create interesting illusions! Next time the clouds have encompassed the mountains I will get out my camera!


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