Monday, December 20, 2021

Ornamental [2]

The face of this familiar character is painted on the back of an oyster shell. We have two or three of these jolly fellows, each painted by Ken's late aunt back in the 90s. The strings of wooden cranberries came from Crate & Barrel in San Francisco.

Ho-ho-ho on the half shell.

We're moving into a few days of below-freezing morning low temperatures. Cold is good, to a point. We'll have to be careful of icy roads while running errands this week.


  1. We used to string popcorn, pasta, and cranberry garlands for the tree. I miss that. The shell is charming. We bought a Santa-painted shell in La Jolla one year but it lacked the charm of yours.

  2. Oh, that's very cool! Especially the origin :)

  3. An oyster shell, so clever! Your tree is beautiful.

  4. There must be a secret to stringing popcorn garlands for a tree -- I tried it one year, and oy, such a mess.
    Ken's aunt was very clever.

  5. mitch, I did the popcorn and cranberries thing for a couple of years, but once I found the wooden berries, I stopped.

    judy, :)

    chris, Aunt Ann had many talents.

    emm, I've done it, and I don't know any secrets. But you're right, it can be messy!


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