Sunday, December 26, 2021

Television for dogs

During the winter, I put seed and suet balls out for the birds. The suet balls are suspended in a kind of a cage from the deck railing, opposite the sliding glass door. We get to see tits, robins, and finches feeding, some pecking at the suet, others picking up whatever falls to the deck. Each day, Tasha spends some time watching all the activity from her spot on the rug.

Tasha quietly watches the birds feeding on the deck. Once in a while, Bert the cat comes and watches with her.

Our Christmas day meal was delicious. I had made the dessert (pumpkin pie) on Christmas eve, so there were no worries about conflicts in the oven. The bird wasn't stuffed, except for some flavor ingredients like shallot, bay leaf, sage, lemon, and pepper. Ken made "stuffing," or dressing, separately, adding cornbread, pecans, and dried cranberries, among other things, to a meat terrine that he had made previously. I sauteed steamed Brussels sprouts, sliced into halves, and sprinkled lightly with flour until they had browned a bit. Ken made gravy from a base broth he made with the bird's giblets and other flavors. We thawed out some cranberry sauce from last year to go with it all.

Today: leftovers!


  1. Is it snow I see outside or why is everything so white?

  2. Such a beautiful setting. The meal sounds delicious.

  3. A delicious dinner in a lovely dining room. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Ahhh, such a beautiful setting :)
    Your meal sounds scrumptious!

  5. I miss feeding the birds in winter time. This is another check on the list of 'where I would like to retire" viz. a place with birds to feed.
    Your house looks lovely and the dinner sounds scrumptious as always.

  6. Your home is so tasteful and inviting. Happy Holidays to you and Ken! I'm sure all of your readers appreciate your insights, travel photos, recipes and all the other observations about daily life in the Loire valley that you share with us. Looking forward to every day of your posts in 2022!

  7. chm, it was a foggy day, so that's probably why it looks so white outside.

    mitch, it was tasty!

    evelyn, yes!

    bettyann, :)

    judy, it's fun to do something a little special at the holidays, even if it's just us two.

    michael, the birds are fun to watch. I've even learned what they're called!

    kiwi, glad you're enjoying it! I need to get out and do more photography, but this virus stuff keeps me close to home for now.


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