Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Winter wild

Wild carrot, that is. This is what becomes of the delicate wild carrot flower (also known as Queen Anne's Lace) in the late fall and winter. I haven't paid enough attention to know if the flower balls up this way as it dies, or if it just never fully opened in the first place.

It's still pretty.

All of yesterday's errands were accomplished more or less successfully. I now have significantly less hair than I did and it feels great, if not a little chilly. The recycling bins are now empty and ready for more. International postage was purchased and mail was sent, and I got a case of champagne and some interesting terrines (both sale items) from the grocery. One of the terrines is goose with girolle (aka chanterelle) mushrooms, the other is pork with three kinds of peppercorns. I was disappointed that they didn't have the pintade aux morilles (guinea fowl with morel mushrooms) that was also advertised.


  1. Apparently the Queen Anne’s Lace closes up like that to protect the seeds. I had never seen it until this past summer.

  2. Sorry to hear about the lack of pintade, but those other terrines sound tasty :)

  3. Could’ve just enjoyed those clams, and the chocolate snails you posted the other day. A favourite. Wonderful markets in France!

  4. The tasks never end, eh? Glad your errands were successful.


  5. mitch, interesting!

    judy, we won't go hungry!

    pats, yes!

    sean, I don't get out very often. Even a trip to the supermarket is exciting! lol


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