Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Ornamental [3]

Tennis anyone? I'm a tennis fan, and I like this ornament in the form of a tennis ball. It's much smaller than an actual tennis ball, more like the size of a ping-pong ball. If only I could remember where it came from. Bought? A gift? I've forgotten. I used to have an even smaller tennis ball bobble attached to my rolling travel bag so I could pick it out easily in baggage claim. The last time I flew, the bag came back without the bobble. It probably broke off somewhere along the way.

The ornament is fuzzy like a real tennis ball. My suitcase bobble was made of hard plastic.

Our temperature this morning, as predicted, is below zero Celsius. Just barely, but below. It's a frosty solstice morning!


  1. A frosty 13C right now. I’m not a tennis fan, but I do like the fuzzy ornament.

  2. I have lost a few bag bobbles over the years, when you are traveling you have to watch out for your balls

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Walt!

  4. The winter solstice is the perfect day to start off frosty - it should only improve from here on out! Ha!

  5. Hey, Happy Birthday Walt!! We hope you have a wonderful day, just like you! L&L

  6. mitch, frosty, eh?

    travel, hehe!

    judy, that's better than abominable...

    evelyn, bettyann, thank you both!

    wilma, unfortunately, January and February tend to be our coldest months.

    L&L, thanks! It was a very good day.


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