Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday among the vines

It's Sunday in the waning days of autumn. That means that it's hunt day and, as the days continue to shorten, the window of light between dawn and 09h00 (when hunting begins) is narrow. Tasha and I have to get out and back before the guys with guns show up.

Tasha on the vineyard road on a foggy Saturday morning. Not a hunt day.

There's not really much danger to us. The hunters wear bright orange vests and are generally very aware of people walking along the vineyard road. I just worry that Tasha might get excited and cause a ruckus. If the hunters flush out a pheasant, Tasha will want to chase it. She chases birds. While they're flying. So it's best if we're back home by the time the hunters arrive.


  1. As you know, I’d be in the house for all of hunting season.

  2. Life in the country can be difficult.

  3. that seems prudent yes.
    I don't trust no hunters

  4. Restricting use of firearms until after 9 a.m. is very civilized. In hunting season in the country, in this country, I stay indoors.

  5. mitch, I wonder if the hunters would wear mis-matched plaid vests down your way...

    andrew, haha!

    michael, especially after lunch. This is wine country.

    emm, our hunters are only going after birds and hares. Hunting for deer, boar, and fox is even more strictly regulated and only done in organized hunts.


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