Friday, December 03, 2021

At least it's not corn

Fall brings a lot of browns to the landscape around us. The grape vines are naked now, their brown leaves carpet the ground below them. Most of the fall color in the woods is more brown than orange or yellow. Late summer wildflowers have sown their seeds and stand dead and brown on the margins of the vineyard parcels. The grasses and evergreens provide a contrast of deep green against the brown. And the rose hips punctuate it all with brilliant red.

Remnants of wildflowers. They'll be back next year.

I'm making a run to the market this morning, mostly to find out what the holiday schedule will be. While there I'm going to look for coques (cockles, like little clams) for a linguini with white clam sauce lunch over the weekend. Then it's off to the supermarket to get whatever else is on the list. Hopefully today's predicted rain will hold off until I'm done.


  1. I do love the natural sepia tones in this photo... and in the corn photos.

  2. I, too, like these sepia-toned pictures. They are very calming, soothing as well as artistic.

  3. mitch, emm, thanks! You never know what you're going to get when you snap the shutter button.

  4. Brown is the official color of November. Brown and gray - all is either.


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