Saturday, December 11, 2021

Soupe au chou gratinée

Here's a variation on the classic French onion soup. We had (and still have) a good deal of broth from the potée (boiled dinner) that Ken made last weekend, so we decided to make a cabbage soup by chopping up the tender cooked cabbage and adding it back into the broth, then preparing it like French onion soup.

Two bowls of steaming cabbage soup.

First, Ken took the cabbage leaves out of the broth and strained the other vegetables out. He chopped the cabbage and added it back into the strained broth, then ladled the steaming soup into individual bowls.

Add thick slices of baguette and grated cheese.

He made croutons by slicing a baguette and laying the slices on the surface of the soup. This is a great way to use day-old or slightly stale bread because it soaks up the broth and softens. If the bread is fresh, you may want to lightly toast it so it doesn't disintegrate in the broth.

Melt the cheese in the oven and serve with freshly ground black pepper.

Finally, he sprinkled grated cheese on top of the bread slices. In this case, the cheese was a French (as opposed to Swiss) gruyère. Then the bowls went into the oven until the cheese melted. Et voilà !

For all you French experts out there, do you write soupe au chou in the singular as I did or in the plural (soupe aux choux)? I've seen it both ways on the internet. I chose the singular if for no other reason that only one chou went into the potée, but I don't know if that's how most people would do it.


  1. In this case, chou is a generic name and may design any kind of chou. The fact that there was only one chou doesn’t apply. In soupe à l’oignon there are more than one onion. So, it should be, soupe au chou singular.
    Excellente idée de faire une soupe au chou gratinée à l’instar de la soupe à l’oignon gratinée.

    1. I must add, the Internet is not a reference for good French grammar and spelling.

  2. Although... we do say Tarte aux poireaux, and not Tarte au poireau so... who knows LOL.

    1. Cette tarte au(x) poireau(x), qui est délicieuse, je la connais sous le nom de Flamiche. Ce pluriel serait-il une exception qui confirme la règle? Ou, serait-ce de la même veine que tarte aux fraises, tarte aux cerises, tarte aux pommes, etc... Aux ou de, est-ce là la différence? Confiture de fraise, confiture de pomme, confiture d’abricot. Qui a dit que le français est facile? Je me souviens avoir demandé à M. Grevisse dans son Bon Usage, s’il fallait mettre un S à groseille dans gelée de groseille. Il n’en mettait pas. Je me demande s’il mettrait un X à poireau. Il ne met pas d’S à huile d’olive. Phonétiquement, tarte au poireau et tarte aux poireaux sonnent de la même façon. Serait-ce là d’où vient le pluriel?

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    2. There seems to be a real difference between une tarte aux noix and une tarte à la noix ! The jar of jam that I'm enjoying right now says confiture d'abricots on the label. In fact, French is fairly easy. Whether you write soupe au chou or soupe aux choux, you can't go wrong. Nobody knows what the correct form is. L'un ou l'autre s'écrit ou s'écrivent....

  3. mitch, it was tasty!

    chm, merci pour toutes ces précisions !

    evelyn, it's good to be creative with leftovers!

    judy, almost as confusing as English!

  4. My soul swoons. This is my favorite soup and I have never been able to cook it right.


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