Thursday, December 30, 2021

La tour

Eiffel, of course. Here's another one from the archives, taken in Spring 2018. I spent a weekend in Paris with some friends from New York. The weather was great, except for my last day when it got cold and windy and rainy. I spent most of that day eating lunch and drinking in a café waiting for my train back home. I'll always have Paris.

I've posted this shot before with a slightly different crop. Eiffel Tower from the Palais de Chaillot, April 2018.

In the here and now, our very mild December weather persists. Daily highs are in the 50sF. I hope we don't pay for this in the spring. The French have a saying: Noël au balcon, pâques au tison. That means if you can be comfortably outside at Christmas, you'll spend the following Easter in front of the fire.


  1. Superbe photo de la Grande Dame de Paris!

  2. Brilliant photo! I’d never heard that French expression. I like it. Not necessarily the idea of it.

  3. Gorgeous point of view, Walt! Golden Ratio!

  4. Perhaps anyone who has been there will always have Paris - and isn't that wonderful.

  5. Great composition on the photo - I like how the paving stones anchor la tour to the earth as it yearns for blue sky.

  6. It is Mr. Eiffel himself who called his tower la Grande Dame.

  7. chm, merci !

    mitch, me neither. Maybe we'll get lucky this spring.

    jan, thanks!

    sillygirl, I'm certain of it.

    judy, it was a nice day for outdoor photos.

    wilma, :)


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