Thursday, December 23, 2021

Ornamental [5]

Rainbow trout? Probably not. It's one of a box of glass animal ornaments that Ken gave me in 1985. They are among my favorite ornaments. I've only broken one of the six since then. Not bad for a guy with ten thumbs.

Nothing fishy here.

Today we pick up the holiday bird, a guinea fowl capon, at the special marché de noël in Saint-Aignan. We still do the holiday thing American style. In France, the réveillon de noël is celebrated late at night on Christmas eve with a big meal that often includes a roast turkey. Neither one of us likes to eat a big meal just before bedtime even if we could stay up that late, so we'll have ours on Christmas day. But fear not! We'll enjoy our annual tradition of a cheese fondue on Friday.


  1. The glass fish is wonderful. We’ve got a glass pickle, ballet slipper, and pig, among other sentimental glass ornaments. The fish collection is very unusual.

  2. That fish looks pregnant!

  3. I enjoy hearing about your ornament collection and seeing them, too.
    Merry Christmas Eve, Eve from Eve.

  4. mitch, I also have a glass pickle ornament. And a corn cob.

    judy, :)

    chm, hmmm...

    evelyn, ha! Same to you!

    michael, it's quite colorful!

    wilma, :)


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