Thursday, March 17, 2022

It's raining mud

The remnants of a Saharan dust storm moved across the Mediterranean and over France this week, transported by the sirocco wind. The result is an orange-tinted sky (it looks more like a pale pink where we are) and muddy rain. I noticed mud drops on the car Tuesday morning during a trip to the pharmacy. I assumed somebody drove through a puddle and splashed the car. When I got home, I heard the news about the Saharan sand and realized that it was falling with the drizzle we were having.

The Sarhara Desert pays us a visit.

This is a photo of our greenhouse roof seen from the guest room window. Our neighbor's car was even more orange looking than this yesterday. I noticed that the leaves of plants and grass are coated with a thin layer of mud, too. We need a good rain, when the dust is gone, to wash everything down.

I did get out yesterday to trim up the part of the yard where the juniper used to be. I even scattered grass seed. Some light rain will help that to settle in, but there's none in the immediate forecast. I may take the hose to it.


  1. Wow! The retractable glass restaurant roofs we can see from our terrace and windows are covered in brown mud. It got washed down into Dudu rivers at the edges after the cleaner rains. That will be an inconvenient clean-up.

  2. Huge… I don’t know what a Dudu river is… although it does look like doo doo. đź’©

  3. judy, yup!

    mitch, no rain for us, yet.

    travel, and intriguing. LOL!


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