Saturday, March 04, 2023

A day in Paris

I didn't take many photos yesterday. It was more fun just being in the moment, reminiscing with my colleague and friend, Andy. And the train ride. Remember, I'm a transit nerd and Andy and I worked together in a transportation policy and planning agency back in the '90s. Early Friday morning, I took a regional train from Saint-Aignan over to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (just outside of Tours) where I transferred to a high-speed train up to Paris. There was a lot of fog outside, but it was pretty much broken up when we arrived in Paris. The full trip took about two hours, and that with a 30-minute layover between trains.

Windmills in the fog out the window of my train as we zipped along at over 300 kilometers per hour.

I arrived at the Montparnasse station pretty much on time and walked over to a café called Au Chien qui Fume (At the Smoking Dog) on the Boulevard Montparnasse and the rue du Cherche-Midi where Andy and I had agreed to meet. The atmosphere was so typically Parisian and the coffee hit the spot. We spent a good hour gabbing about old times and people we knew before moving on. But first we had to decide where to have lunch.


  1. Thanks for taking us along, it has been too long since I was in Paris

  2. A great beginning. Looking forward to sharing the rest of your day. I love trains!

  3. So glad we get to tag along!

  4. It's great that Paris is only a couple of hours away.

  5. Sounds like the start of a memorable day in Paris with a friend!

  6. That's a shorter trip than I realized. So easy. I'm not a transit nerd, but I do love train travel.


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