Sunday, March 19, 2023


Alone. It's unlikely that this woman was alone, visiting Chenonceau. But she was the only person in the shot, looking over the Cher River near the castle's front door.

A big pot of geraniums in the center of this forecourt.* September 2011.

I haven't been motivated to build a fire in the past couple of days. The weather's been relatively warm. Today it's supposed to be chilly again, so maybe I'll get it together to clean out the stove and split some wood. Ken's making a poule au pot (chicken in a pot) for lunch. That will warm us up if nothing else does.

* I don't know what a forecourt is or if this is one. Just go along.


  1. I've had some big pots of geraniums in my lifetime, but never one like that.

  2. She's up to no good that's certain.

  3. mitch, I don't think there's enough dirt at the garden center to fill it.

    judy, yay!

    michael, my thoughts, exactly.

  4. Happy Spring! Yes, have a fire if it is cold...even if the calendar tells you otherwise! Beautiful forecourt.


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