Friday, March 10, 2023

Seldom seen

Here's something that we tourists don't often get to see. The main gallery that stretches over the Cher River in the Château de Chenonceau devoid of people. I was able to get this shot on that rainy March day in 2006 when there were very few visitors wandering through the castle's rooms. As soon as I snapped a few shots, other people appeared and the "pristine" view was gone.

I'm sure the castle staff get to see this all the time, but it's a rarity for the average tourist. March 2006.

We're having a windstorm now that's lasted a few days. It's not horrible, but the wind is just howling out there. Every now and again there's a gust that shakes the house de fond en comble (from the foundation to the rafters). It's predicted to die down for a couple of days after today.


  1. What a shot. That's what I always hope for at the mezquita in Córdoba. It never happens.

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  3. spelling correction: Mesmerizing.

  4. Those tiles are hypnotic! -- Chrissoup

  5. mitch, one of these days...

    judy, :)

    mary, they do kind of strobe, don't they? :)

  6. Good for you! A rare shot indeed !


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