Friday, March 31, 2023

Men at work

Here's a good-bye shot from the Château de Chenonceau, at least for now. The renovation project that required this scaffolding in the river was completed over a decade ago. I'm not aware of any projects going on now, but with these monuments there's always something that needs doing.

Hory-Chauvelin is a local masonry company that specializes in the renovation/restoration of historic monuments. September 2011.

The wind howled through the night. Again. Apparently there's a named storm crossing the British Isles and its southern edge is passing over us. According to the forecast, the wind is expected to continue through the day today.

Our landscape contractor is coming by next week to till up our vegetable garden plot. When we told him we had a heck of a time last year because the ground was as hard as concrete, he said, "Well, I can do that. We do it for many of our customers toward the end of March." The first tilling of the season is the most difficult, so getting that done by a pro will be a big help, not to mention a relief. I'll try to get some before and after photos, weather permitting.


  1. The scaffolding wasn't very picturesque, was it...

  2. So, the contractor you mentioned yesterday... is he the second guy? The one that you were pleased about, whom you thought seemed to really be going to come and do the work?

  3. Good news about the tilling!

  4. Do you know if they used a cofferdam to set the “chafaudage” as that woman in Saint-Savin would say?
    So, that would be a great relief for Ken if he doesn’t have to do the first and hardest tilling of the plot.

  5. mitch, it probably wasn't meant to be.

    judy, he's the plumber that actually did an estimate for us. Before he disappeared.

    evelyn, I hope so. Ken was not jazzed about tilling after last year.

    chm, I'm not sure...


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