Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sticky coconut chicken and rice

This one-pot meal recipe from the New York Times food section was not difficult to make, although the cooking time needed to be extended by about fifteen minutes to get the rice done. It might have been because I used round rice, but that's just a guess. I also should have browned the chicken a little more. My version came out much paler than the one in the NYT photo.

La mise en place. I used chives instead of scallions (we can't find them here) and frozen peppers instead of fresh.

First, the chicken (I used boneless, skinless breast), seasoned with salt and pepper, gets cut into good-sized pieces and browned in oil. When the chicken pieces are evenly browned, they come out and the minced garlic and ginger go in to sweat. The rice goes in next with a little more oil if necessary and gets stirred so it's evenly coated. Then the chives, bell pepper, and cashews go in, followed by the chicken broth and coconut milk. Once that's stirred around well, the browned chicken pieces get placed on top.

"Browned" chicken pieces, round rice, and home-made chicken broth (which is a bit cloudy but that didn't change the flavor).

The next step is to cover the pot and put it in a moderate oven for 25 minutes until the rice is done. I covered the wok and let it simmer on top of the stove. That could be another reason why it took longer for the rice to cook.

Lunch is served. If this had been for guests, I would have transferred it to an impeccably clean serving dish.
We added the sriracha (Thai hot sauce) at the table.

Other than looking whiter than a country club in Westchester, the end result, garnished with cilantro and a splash of sriracha, tasted delicious. We ate most of it; there's another serving left over. I would definitely try this again with an eye toward a more appetizing color.


  1. This looks very good. What is the sticky part in this dish that sounds Thai. Is it the chicken? Or do you have to use sticky rice? Could you find it in a Korean (Asian) store?

    1. Maybe you could add my comment above to the recipe because I had to publish four times for it to finally stick!

  2. Ooh, this looks delicious, although SG wouldn't get past the coconut milk – and I hate the idea of letting my food “sweat.”

  3. I think it looks good, maybe the NYT photo looked darker because they used thighs. I've never tried round rice. It's good you made sure the rice was cooked!

  4. Your comment about the country club got a laugh out of me! Looks bland but not with your hot sauce!

  5. chm, it is a Thai-style dish. The rice is supposed to be short grain, but not sticky rice. I used round rice. I think the coconut milk provided the "stickiness." We can find most rices in the supermarkets, but I'm sure the Asian stores have specialty rices.

    mitch, I think there was too much coconut milk. When I make it again, I think I'll reduce that and add more broth.

    evelyn, the chicken thighs we find here are not as plump or meaty as American thighs. I don't know why.

    mary, ha!


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