Thursday, March 30, 2023

Cherry blossom festival

Our flowering, but fruitless, cherry is finishing up its spring bloom. I though I'd get a shot before the blossoms start falling to the ground.

The cherry tree towers over our little carport. View from the deck.

Good news on the contractor front. A little background: last spring, we got an estimate for some plumbing work we've wanted done for a while, accepted it, and made a 30% down payment, which is customary. The contractor promptly cashed the check, but then we didn't hear from him. For months. Over the winter, I sent him an email but it went unanswered.

So, yesterday afternoon his truck showed up at the house of one of our neighbors. Ken and I walked right over. He was all smiles and said that he scheduled us for the end of April, and that he needed to take our central heating off-line for two days to do the job. Which, we presume, is why he didn't do anything over the fall and winter. I just wish he had let us know that we were in the queue.

Have you ever seen "A Year in Provence?"


  1. I did read "A Year in Provence" and it was a very good read. I picked up that things in France must be done the French way.

    1. I read the book too, and decided if I ever bought a house in France it would have to be perfect and needing NO repairs so I knew that probably wasn't going to happen!

  2. So, this is your year in Provence.

    That cherry tree is spectacular.

  3. Beautiful tree!

  4. andrew, ultimately, there's no other way.

    mitch, we've had many such years.

    bettyann, it's a sign of spring that I look forward to every year.


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