Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sleepy pigeons

I think they're sleeping. One of them looks awake, but the others don't with their heads tucked into their feathers. I wonder if pigeons dream. I wonder if they snore. I don't wonder very long.

Pigeons snoozing on the Château de Chenonceau. September 2011.

I'm going to the optical shop this morning, so I'll get some answers to my questions. I hope. I'm also going to stop into a nearby health food shop to look for some barley. Our supermarkets don't carry it, but the health food place might. We stopped going to that store a while back. Its hours were kind of weird and it was almost hidden inside a courtyard. But they've since moved into the main street of town and into a larger shop. I only found that out by looking at Google maps, so yay, Google!


  1. Oh that poor beautiful stained glass window. I wonder if pigeons poop while they sleep.

  2. If the French are like the American's food-wise, healthy food is very popular. Plant based diets and such. Hope you find some barley.

  3. Barley is good, hope you get some.

  4. I love Google maps and use Google Streetview every day (looking at/for Sears houses).
    Did you get your barley?
    I have no wonders about pigeons.

  5. How many tonnes would you like Walt, it's our main crop!😁 However, I dare say what you're really after is pearl barley (processed) easily available in the UK. Alternative rissotto?

  6. Barley: As those in the real estate biz say, location, location, location. I can find barley, but bulgar wheat seems to be out of fashion or something. Pigeons are neutral birds, as in, kinda dull. -- Chrissoup

  7. mitch, I wouldn't put it past them.

    evelyn, I did, indeed!

    bettyann, I really like it, most often in soups. I should explore other recipes.

    judy, it is fun. I mess around with the maps and street views all the time.

    pats, our local health food store had it. I like risotto (arborio rice) as well, but it's a different thing.

    chris, bulgar is common here. We always have some in the house.

  8. Up to no good , that's certain.


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