Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lights, camera...

These are some of the lights that light up the Château de Chenonceau at night. Or at least they were. I wonder if they're still there or if they've been replaced by something more modern.

Lights. September 2011.

Something curious is going on with Blogger comments. I noticed that my spam folder is suddenly filled with "spam" comments. Eighty-one of them at last count. And they are all from current and former regular commenters, so they're legit, not actual spam. And they go back to 2008. When I check the original post that one of these comments was made on, it's missing. I restored one, and it showed up once again on the original post. I know these comments have not been sitting in the spam folder all this time -- I regularly check that folder. They just moved from certain posts to the spam folder all of a sudden, seemingly on their own and with no rhyme or reason. I guess I'll restore them all, but I fear that this might be some web pirate's nefarious plot and my blog might blow up. Well, stand back, here goes nothing...


  1. I've not had that many but quite a number. I republish without checking if the original comment is still there. So you have discovered the comment is removed until it is approved, so I am getting it right. You're not the first person to mention this.

  2. Others have mentioned lately the problem with old comments showing up in SPAM. It's always something. I hope those old lights have been replaced with something less obtrusive.

  3. Uh oh... I better check my blog comments. I hope we don't lose any posts.

  4. FYI, nothing amiss with my Google blogger blog posts or comments, as of this morning.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on comments, over 650 on mine. Including my comments!

  6. I'll say!
    Walt, I'll ask you and Ken this.... who was it from our group, who was from Lake Placid NY? I could have sworn it was someone... I was thinking it was Peter, but Anne (from Chicago) just met up with Peter in DC, and showed a photo of their visit... which prompted my question about who was from Lake Placid. Do you remember?

    1. judy, I think you might be thinking of Mike King. His roommate at the pension was a guy named Peter (Slattery, I think), but not Peter Edwards (who lives in DC since the mid-80s).

  7. all, sounds like a common problem!


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