Sunday, March 26, 2023

Somewhere over there

This was a morning rainbow, formed as giboulées (rain showers) passed over us from the west while the sun rose, as it does, in the east on Saturday. Ken posted a photo of an afternoon rainbow a few days ago.

If happy little bluebirds fly... Looking westerly on Saturday morning.

Our current weather is kind of typical for March. We're getting a series of rain showers alternating with blue sky. And lots of wind, which makes the house feel chilly. We haven't seen sleet or hail, but they're always a possibility this time of year. We had a nice fire yesterday and I will probably build another today and likely on Monday, too.

The transition to Summer Time (or Daylight Saving Time) went smoothly. The majority of clocks and timers in the house have to be set manually and I typically make the rounds on Saturday afternoon. I still have the kitchen appliance clocks to adjust, and the cars need to be done. One clock that never got changed last fall is showing the correct time now.


  1. Yes! Our car clock will be correct for 6 months. Beautiful light in the photo.

  2. The hedge is so neatly done, it looks like a wall. The path too is very neatly done. Great!

  3. Such a nice photo to view this Sunday morning. I had to use Google to figure out how to change the time in our Prius.

  4. Same here... same up and down weather, like spring is pushing in, then getting pushed back, then pushing in harder, then getting pushed back, then pushing in really hard with big storms, then pushing in with big sun... next thing I know, it will be too hot to be outside -- ha!
    I have about 15 various stinkin' clocks to set every time the time changes, too... and one, like everyone else, that is correct time half the year.

  5. They are cheery. I suppose seeing one is good luck?


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