Thursday, March 09, 2023

Back to Chenonceau

Like I said, I didn't take too many photos on my day in Paris. So now I'll dip back into the archives for some more shots from the Château de Chenonceau. This is a view of Diane de Poitiers' garden from a window inside the castle.

Le jardin de Diane de Poitiers vue du château de Chenonceau, March 2006.

Rain came yesterday afternoon an lasted, off and on, through the night last night. At around 22h30, I was awakened by thunder and lightning. It lasted for about fifteen minutes and then was gone.


  1. Did those metro tickets still work? I went to NYC last May and I just used my credit car for the subway- easy peasy.

  2. evelyn, yes, they still worked. But there were signs everywhere saying that they're being phased out. It's all going electronic, like most everything else.


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