Monday, March 27, 2023

Window pain

As in: it must be a pain to clean those windows.

And they're spotless! Château de Chenonceau, September 2011.

We're back to chilly weather for a few days. It's colder this morning than yesterday and we're not expecting it to get very warm through the day. I'll certainly get a fire going before too long.

But first I'm going to the store to pick up a couple of ingredients for lunch. I want to try a recipe that I saw in the New York Times recently called "Sticky coconut chicken and rice." I need some cilantro and some cashews. The rest of the ingredients are on hand. It's billed as a one-pot meal. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Ooh, yes, that window is beautiful but those panes MUST be a pain. I wonder how they do it.

  2. The photo is also a self portrait.

  3. Ditto what Mitchell said... and, looking forward to hearing about that chicken dish :)

  4. Beautiful windows. I wonder if the horizontal bars are to keep the lead from sagging. Lunch sounds delicious.

    1. chm—Yes, BettyAnn, I think you’re right about the horizontal bars. This kind of window is very fragile

  5. mitch, very carefully, I'm sure.

    travel, ah, yes it is!

    judy, the post is up!

    bettyann, lunch was tasty!

  6. I love your double entendre title! Another laugh to start my afternoon!


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