Friday, March 03, 2023


This is the Chancery on the grounds of the Château de Chenonceau. I don't know anything about it or why it's there. I'm sure some industrious internet researchers could find out. I like the photo, but I'm not sure about the big tree. I cropped most of it out for this post.

The chancery faces the river. March 2006.

I'm heading up to Paris for the day today. A former colleague of mine is in town and we're going to have lunch together. The last time we saw each other was almost twenty years ago (yikes!) when he and his wife visited us here in the Loire Valley. I'm looking forward to catching up.


  1. It seems like you haven't been to Paris for ages. Have a great time.

  2. Enjoy your day! So glad you're feeling better now.

  3. Thanks, all! It was a good day. :)


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