Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We're Cleaning The Attic

In preparation for the new construction, we have begun the attic cleaning process. I'm sure I have some before photos somewhere, but I haven't looked. The attic floor was covered in flattened cardboard boxes. Those, in turn, were covered in decades of dust and who knows what. Mice have lived up there, we found a dead bird up there, and even and old nest. It was yucky. Good word, yucky.

Looking toward the north side, where the bedroom area will be.

So on Monday, Ken and I went up dressed in old clothes and masks. We didn't want to breath in the crap that we were certain to put into the air. We opened the windows and started chucking the old cardboard, bits of carpet and linoleum, and other stuff, out into the yard. Then we swept and vacuumed. And after a couple of hours, by gum, that attic started looking pretty good!

The south end of the house, and the dormer that looks east. Ken's vacuuming.

We had a mess in the yard to deal with, but we burned all that we could burn. The little that wasn't burnable will go to the dump. The main thing is that the guys who will start working today to cut the stair hole and prepare for framing, insulating, and dry-walling, will have a decent place to start with.

Looking south again. The box on the floor on the left is where the new stair will come up.

We're looking forward to the finished space. It's voluminous, and it will increase our living space by a lot. I'll keep you posted as the work progresses. And so will Ken on his blog. Stay tuned.

Help me Obi-wan Kenobe. You're my only hope.

By the way, all these photos were taken after most of the cleaning was done. Ken was finishing up and I grabbed the tripod and the camera.


  1. WOW!! It look great so far.. A lot of work.. Are you making another room?? How cool!

  2. The attic has a lot of beauty even before work has begun. Cannot wait to see the transformation!

  3. What is going to happen next? That reminds me I have to clean my attic although there is not much up there. I am afraid though. There is a bat or two living in mine...:o

  4. I might become your favorite room. It will be fun to see the progress.

  5. You have quite a bit of space up there. It's looking good already. I assume you are going to leave the major beams exposed?

  6. Lookin' grouse mate (Aussie slang for tres bon monsieur)

  7. It looks huge in the pictures.

  8. Here we go!

    Victoria, Bellingham,WA

  9. It's already a very beautiful space. So big!

  10. I'm really looking forward to watching things as they progress. It's going to beautiful, to say nothing of useful!

    Donna in SF

  11. what a wonderful plan. I am envious.

  12. That is going to be an amazing space... I can't wait to watch the progress.

  13. leesa, yes, another room up in the attic!

    cheryl, pure structure is often beautiful, if not all that practical.

    suzanne, the stair hole gets cut next (it's actually done as I type this) then goes the insulation and drywall, oh, and two attic roof windows.

    nadege, we're thinking the same!

    diogenes, yes, the big beams will be exposed up to the peak.

    leon, I always enjoy learning new languages!

    starman, it is pretty big.

    victoria, you said it!

    carolyn, yes!

    donna, very useful.

    michael, we're looking forward to it.

    stephen, stay tuned!

  14. Cool beans... Can't wait to see the "finished" product! Love attic room!!!

  15. I love your attic. Can I retire there? :)

  16. ça va être génial ! Bravo d'avance ! Vous allez avoir une superbe chambre, etc. La présence des poutres donne une âme à l'ensemble ;-) Marie

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