Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A sunny April day

It turns out that March indeed went out like the proverbial lamb this year. The past couple of days have been very gentle, and yesterday was beautiful. Besides my doctor's appointment, the only things I really accomplished were getting the deck furniture up out of the garage, watering the spring crops (they haven't germinated yet), and making lunch. I spent the afternoon sitting outdoors reading the autobiography of Clarissa Dickson Wright.

The back yard and vegetable garden plots on 01 April 2014.

I took some photos of the yard and garden as well. But I'm not used to so much sunshine and I slightly over exposed my shots. This one isn't too bad, but I still had to darken it down in Photoshop. You can see the four-square vegetable garden and the long planting strip on the lower left. Ken tilled some of it up before his trip. The blue tarp is covering some yard waste that we plan to burn soon.

Behind the garden plots you can see the apple trees. They're all budded out and the blossoms are forming now. To the right of center is Callie sniffing for lizards. She caught one later in the afternoon and actually had it in her mouth before flinging it away. She seriously injured it and all it could do was lie twitching on its back. I moved the poor critter so that Callie would leave it alone. It either recovered or became food for someone else.

The forsythia (on the right) are finishing up their blooms now and every day more green leaves replace the yellow blossoms. The pinkish/purple tree is a fruitless variety of prunus whose blossoms are getting ready to open. I'm sure I'll take pictures of that when it happens as it's a very pretty sight.


  1. Beautiful colours on a beautiful day. Lovely composition.

  2. looks wonderful, dear; and SO unlike my own plot o land (mud mud and more mud).

  3. Sunny day!!! wooo hoooo!

    We're expecting tornadic conditions this week :(

  4. You've captured Spring in the photo and a lizard, too.

  5. Beautiful yard. How long does it take to mow all that grass?

    1. dean, on a good day, I can do it all in under two hours.


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