Monday, April 07, 2014

Socked in

We're smothered in fog this morning* and the grass is heavy with dew. Just what I wasn't hoping for. Maybe it will dry out by this afternoon so that I can cut it. Sunday, by contrast, was clear and dry. Of course, cutting the grass on Sunday afternoon goes against our noise ordinance, so I waited.

I saw this critter on Sunday afternoon's walk with Callie.

I spent the afternoon watching the final two matches of the Davis Cup quarterfinals. France needed all five matches to beat Germany (3:2) in some very exciting and, at times, emotional tennis. Richard Gasquet was sidelined due to injury. Michael Llodra replaced him and with Julien Bennetteau battled through four sets to bring France up from a 2:0 deficit in Saturday's doubles match. The guys played in Alsace, so they were on home turf with the fans rooting loudly for them, which I think helped. Tsonga and Monfils played two very strong singles matches on Sunday for the win. In the other quarters, Italy pulled an upset over Great Britain, and Switzerland beat Kazakhastan, both 3:2 scores. The only sweep was the Czech Republic over Japan, 5:0. France will face the Czechs in September.

* The fog burned off pretty early, so now we have sun. The grass should dry out by mid-day.


  1. Nice picture...
    the critter is a Comma butterfly....
    so called because of the comma that is visible on the underwing.
    This fella could be called a "Semi-colon"...
    he'll be missing half a comma on the broken wing!

    The attractive flowers are Greater Stitchwort...
    quite common, but it does create a lovely, white, blousy drift in the hedgerows.

  2. Well, it's about 13h30 over there, now, so I imagine that you're cutting the lawn :) Chez nous, the sun is just barely rising, and I am hearing a Cardinal singing away outside :)

  3. I love the fact that your readers can always identify the plants and insects you photograph.

    So glad you got some sun!

  4. Whatever. It's a nicely composed shot. Bravo.


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