Friday, April 11, 2014

River walk

On Tuesday evening, Callie and I took a walk along the river. It's a nice walk when it's not muddy, but the problem is crossing the road at the bottom of the hill; the cars zip by pretty fast and it scares the dog. But she made it across ok. She won't go near the road until I tell her it's ok, then we run across.

Callie pauses to be sure I'm following as we walk along the river, which is just out of the frame on the left.

Once on the other side, it's a short walk to the riverbank. Then we walk along next to the water for a while before heading back up to cross the road again and climbing the hill toward home. Callie loves sniffing around in the woods, especially woods she doesn't see all that often. And there are ducks!

On Wednesday, the guy who owns the vines around us electrified his fence between the vines and the woods on the north side of our house. He does it every spring to help keep the deer from eating the new shoots and grape buds. The rest of the year, when the electricity is off, he lowers a section of the fence so that people can walk from the vineyard down through the woods toward the river. As of now the fence is up and hot. We won't be going that way again until later in the summer.


  1. "Come on. Hurry up Dad." Makes me miss walking our dogs. I wish we had had such a nice place to go as this.

  2. Hi Callie!
    Can't wait to see the new window doors in a month or so :)

  3. Makes me miss our pups! Luckily Rosie our grand dog will be visiting next Saturday and we'll head to the woods with her. She leads the way like Callie, but watches out for us.


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