Monday, April 14, 2014

Clos Roussely

Friends K&J invited me to tag along with them to a local winery open house on Sunday. The owner, Vincent Roussely, recently (a few years ago) bought his family's former wine operation and updated it. He grows the traditional Touraine varietals, gamay, cabernet, côt, and sauvignon, all organically.

Vincent Roussely outside his winery in Angé, Touraine.

The event was held inside the winery's cave (cellar) and featured winemakers from Champagne, Hautes Côtes de Beaune and Chablis (Burgundy), and Sablet (Côtes du Rhône villages), along with Vincent's own wines. There were also some local food producers providing samples of their goat cheeses, baked goods, and other treats. I had a good time tasting (I wasn't driving) and brought home twenty liters of local wine (gamay and rosé) along with six bottles of Chablis (chardonnay).

Tasting in the cave.

It was another beautiful spring day with plenty of warm sunshine and the views of the Cher Valley from up on the heights where the grapes grow was spectacular. The forecast for most of this week is the same. Yay!


  1. As we mentioned to you last night, we are big fans of Vincent and his wine. He's an impressive young man.

  2. It sounds like you had a nice day out. I bet Ken wishes he'd been there too!
    Another winemaker for us to visit, methinks!

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. But what is that contraption behind the proprietor ?!

  4. What fun. Like Stuart, I want to know about that lady-bug-like machine. Only 20 liters? Won't you have to go back for more in a week?

  5. That looks like lots of fun....aren't you glad you went along?

  6. At first I thought the ladybug accessories were for shade--now I'm thinking they may be extra gas tanks???



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