Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

Callie seems to be limping, but we can't figure out why. It's most noticeable when she gets up from lying down. But on her walks she seems normal. There's no thorn, no cut, nor any other visible problem. She may have twisted her leg or something.

Watch out for dogs in the grass.

We've both gently manipulated her leg to see if she shows any sign of pain, which she doesn't. We'll keep an eye on her to see if it gets better on its own or not. Then we'll have to consider a trip to the vet.


  1. Could be the beginnings of hip dysplasia. But I hope it's something else simple. In any case, that's a nice shot of her being the free range dog.

  2. As an ex-BC owner, I was going to say the same as Stuart about hip dysplasia...
    on the other hand, given the damp weather...
    could just be that...
    good luck Callie!!

  3. Replies
    1. She's pulled it!!
      Glad it's not the back!!
      Get well soon Callie....

  4. Since I also have trouble getting my limbs to warm up after resting, I sympathize. It might just be aging. Once I get moving, the joints work out their kinks and I'm fine. It sounds like Callie is, too.

  5. arthritis, peut-etre? what a nice pix of callie!

  6. I hope she recovers very soon.

  7. Oh, Callie! Well, she couldn't have two more loving and caring companions than you and Ken, so she's in good hands. I hope to hear an update as the days go on, please :)

  8. Beautiful photo of Callie girl! She's getting up there in years, maybe she's got some bursitis in her forearm like I have right now. I hope time will heal it.

  9. stuart, I hope it's not that. It's not the hip, though.

    tim, we'll see...

    ellen, me too!

    anne marie, it's hard to know. Time will tell, I suppose.

    nadege, so do we!

    judy, you bet!

    evelyn, she's almost as old as me!


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