Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Grand Hotel, again

Well of course I have to show you what the hotel looks like. And here it is. I was walking on the island in the river, juste en face de l'hôtel (right across from the hotel), when I saw a big tractor sitting in traffic behind the stoplight. So I snapped away. I liked how the orange of the tractor contrasted with the greys of the hotel.

There's always a tractor of some sort on the road.

I waited for the light to change and the traffic to start moving so I could get the tractor's big rear wheel in the photo. It's a testament to our rural character that there are tractors on the main roads, going from barn to field. Commuting.


  1. they even curved the painted letters over the front door's archway.

  2. Great pic as usual Walt...
    that touch of red enhances the pic...
    did you know that John Consable used to always put something red in his pictures to do just that...
    two superb examples are "the Haywain" and the "Lock at Denham"...
    one the red horse-harness, the other a red waistcoat...
    both roughly in the same proportions, relative to the picture, as your tractor.

  3. The eye is certainly drawn to the red.

  4. Another great photo. Glad you waited for the tractor to get positioned.

  5. Nice shot. And nice timing !


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