Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Grand Hotel

Saint-Aignan's largest hotel, I think, is the Grand Hotel on the river. There's a bigger hotel out by the zoo, but that's much newer and not in town. The Grand Hotel is a very typical French hotel. I've never stayed there, but I know people who have and I've seen some of the rooms. It was renovated not too long ago and has all the modern conveniences, but still a lot of the old French charm.

The roof and the upper rooms of the Grand Hotel on the quai in Saint-Aignan. Notice the curly-cue lamp posts.

The hotel's facade is hidden by the trees in the picture. This is the hotel's setting, facing the Cher River, with its back to toward the center of town. The blood lab, where Ken and I get our annual blood work done, is just to the left of the hotel in this photo.


  1. I love ironwork like that; it shows artistry and whimsy and the care it took to make.

  2. Beautiful setting for a "Blood and Breakfast".

  3. I like the trees. We don't line ours up like that over here. Bet they are really old as well.

  4. THE Grand hotel is on on Machinaw Island in Michigan!


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