Friday, April 25, 2014

Funky feline fotos

I got some work done in the back yard on Thursday. I've been thinking about the forsythia for a while and decided to remove the smaller one of the two shrubs. It's had fungus on its trunks and, although we haven't seen it again, the shrub was obviously not well. I cut all of it down to the ground. There was a lot of dead wood and the central stem had rotted and it pulled right out.

Can you see Bert lounging in the grass (in the center)? The forsythia are not in this photo.

The larger bush is healthy, but it's gotten too big to deal with and it's difficult to mow around. So I started removing stems. It took a while to work my way around the plant, but now it's done, at least for this year. I left a good amount of green leaves to keep the plant alive. Next year I plan to remove some height. I'll try to do some before/after shots soon.


  1. lush green, lounging kitty-- all is good

  2. Walt

    Are you going to get the hedges trimmed by the professional tho sir also?
    May be he can give the forsythia a little buzz on the top.
    Here the evergreens took a beating during last winter- a lot of brown spots here and there

  3. raybeard, I think he heard you...

    anne marie, :)

    judy, things are very green right now. :)

    t.b., the hedges get trimmed in the fall, and the tall ones (in the photo) will likely be done by the guys who did them last year. But I think I can do the forsythia myself.


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