Monday, April 28, 2014


I've shown you these trees before, but here they are again. They span the path that leads down the hill toward the river, the path that is blocked to us for a while now that the electric fence is activated. The fence between the woods and the adjacent vineyard helps keep the deer from munching on the emerging grape leaves and flowers.

The trees blew over in a storm about four years ago.

One day, mother nature or someone with a chainsaw will take the trunks down. The path is a municipal right-of-way (I think), so if they fall, the town may send someone out to clear the way.


  1. Walt,
    those trees are dangerous...
    all snagged up on one another.
    It will cost money to get them removed safely, but...
    as it is a municipal right-of-way, I would really advise telling your Maire...
    the buck [and also the insurance liability] stops there.
    Your Maire may not even be aware of the trees leaning across the path!!

  2. Ce chemin s'appelle "le sentier des épées de Damoclès" ou "le sentier de la Guillotine"?

  3. The town better send someone before someone gets hurt.

  4. tim, it has been four years and a few windstorms since they fell. One of these days...

    dean, bien joué !

    starman, I always pay attention when I pass under.


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