Friday, April 18, 2014


When I got up Thursday morning I saw the just-past-full moon setting in the west, lining up nicely with that lone tree out in the vineyard. I wanted to take a picture, but my camera wasn't ready. No card, wrong lens, and the tripod base was not attached. I scrambled to get it together before the moon moved out of position. I took a few shots without the tripod and this is the best one.

A nice clear morning. The photo would be a little crisper had I used the tripod.

My tripod has a base attachment that screws into the bottom of the camera. That way, putting the camera on and off the tripod is done with a simple click. But for it to be quick, you've got to keep the base screwed onto the camera. The last time I replaced the camera battery I didn't put the tripod base back on. That'll learn me.


  1. Been there. I have a similar tripod system. Anyway, you pulled of a great shot without it. That early morning light would have been enough, but to throw in the full moon... wow !

  2. Well done, Walt....
    great exposure and superb for handheld.
    I'm a bit jealous....
    I saw the same moon set....
    and some nice mist on the millstream...
    I now have three nice pix of a misty millstream....
    and three matching silhouettes with the moon.
    All hand held... the 'scope's on the tripod!!
    So, not a cat in hell's chance of combining one of each!!

    Like the arrangement of the three conifers, too.


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