Sunday, April 13, 2014

The church in Saint-Aignan

It's called une église collégiale (collegiate church) because it was the realm of a college of cannons, or clergy, and not a monastic church. Catholicism can be very bureaucratic, to say nothing of hierarchical. I took this on Saturday morning after doing my shopping at the weekly market in town.

Saint-Aignan's romanesque collégiale and the château (out of the frame to the right) dominate the town's skyline.

The day started out a little hazy, but it was not cold and the sun won out making for a gorgeous springtime day. I was inspired to wash windows, so all the windows in the loft/attic are now clean. I also did the window in the living room (not the one that's being replaced next month) and washed the curtains. Spring cleaning continues. I also sat out in the sun for a little while.

This new wine shop in town just opened a week or so ago. I haven't been in yet.

Here's a closer view from the first photo. It's a new wine shop in Saint-Aignan called Astuces Vins. That's hard for me to translate. Une astuce is the noun form of astuteness, a clever trick, shrewdness. It's like an insider's trick to succeeding at something, in this case, choosing a wine. But calling it "wine tricks" doesn't sound quite right.


  1. Les astuces....
    can also translates "tips"...
    or "hints"...
    which translate much better on this sign...........

    Also... could there be a pronunciation "pun"...
    them Frenchies do seem to like to do their punning in their signage?!?!?

    I've a "Hors Series" System-D booklet on "Les Astuces Bricolage"....
    covers all sorts of tips, hints and advice about glues, screws, woods, electrics, construction, mortar, etc., etc.....
    very useful....
    I bought it as a dictionary!!

    1. tim, tips! I knew there was a word, and I just couldn't think of it. Thanks!

    the second line should read...
    "can also translate as "tips"..."

  3. That's a nice panorama of the town. I like the patchwork look of the second photo.

  4. "Catholicism can be very bureaucratic, to say nothing of hierarchical." - AND male-dominated, AND extortionist, AND where pedophiles roam free. (ex-catholic here).

    I love your town; look at the flying buttresses on the church exterior, the closeness of the houses, the masonry work on the buildings.

    if you are still in the mood to clean, you can come do my house; I LOATHE housework! ;-)

    "This new wine shop in town just opened a week or so ago. I haven't been in yet." - WHAT????? disgraceful! time's a-wastin'!

  5. Catholicism is a monarchy. (ex-catholic here too)

    But churches and cathedrals are architectural wonders.

    Beautiful pictures again. Very crip lighting and sharp contrasts.

  6. I especially love that close-up that emphasizes all the angles and planes.

  7. Did Astuces Vins move in where the AXA insurance office used to be? Or is AXA still there?

  8. Nice photo crop!

    P.S. My memory is going... previously I commented on a cookie mold I have - the correct bicuits it makes is "dents de loup" NOT dents de lion.

    Guess I need to make some of those cookies, maintenant, car j'ai trouvé les recettes très intéressant - avec chocolat, les pistaches et les noix aussi.

    Mary in Oregon

  9. stuart, thanks. The second photo is just a crop out of the first; same pic.

    anne marie, the flying buttresses and the pointed arch window on the transept are evidence of the transitioning to gothic style that was going on when this was built. I'll clean your house. I can do it from here. I'm doing it now.

    jon, I agree about the architecture; too bad it comes with all that baggage. I was never a catholic so the whole thing is kind of mysterious to me.

    mitch, :)

    ken, I don't know. I didn't really notice.

    mary, ah! I still haven't heard of them. Back to the internet!


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