Saturday, April 12, 2014

River view

This is the Cher just downriver from Saint-Aignan. It looks as though I'm on a boat, but I am standing on the bank at a point where the river bends toward the north. I think I've mentioned before that this is not a deep river. I'll bet there are spots where one could wade across, but I've never attempted that.

The Cher River on a springtime afternoon. Looking upstream.

If you head downstream from here, there are a couple of locks to get through (although with a kayak you could just walk it around) before you pass by the town of Montrichard. After that, it's not far until you glide beneath the arches that hold up the Château de Chenonceau, one of the most recognizable, and most popular, of Loire Valley castles.


  1. That's a nice shot of the river. I'd love to kayak or canoe under Chenonceau sometime.

  2. We're finishing up our Val de Loire tourism unit in French 4 right now, and the kids asked me what is the one most-visited château of the ones they learned about. I first said, "Chambord", but then quicklyl added, "or Chenonceau".

  3. Lovely photo Walt. I am astonished, and dismayed, that Disneyland is the top tourist attraction in France ! Even before the Louvre! And the zoos rate higher than the castles. I wonder if they have a breakdown of where the visitors come from…it would be interesting to see who goes where.

  4. I've never been to number 1, but would love to go with a grandchild someday. The zoo in Saint-Aignan is worthy of its rank. Maybe I'll visit the Grand Palais this summer.

  5. stuart, that would be cool, I agree.

    christine, ah, the wonderful world of Disney! I haven't been (and probably never will), mostly because I've been to Disney in Anaheim and Orlando. It's a been there, done that, kind of thing. ;)

    evelyn, I was happy to see the zoo on the list, too. There was a lot of traffic heading there over the bridge on Saturday. This is the first week of spring break for the Paris region, and the weather is good for zoo-ing! Are you coming to Paris this summer?

  6. Great photo. And yes, it's great to see the Zoo on the list. We had such fun there with you. I hope that poor lone little red panda in that new Asian area has many compadres now. I'm not surprised about Disney. And Disney's not all bad. I'm surprised that the Pompidou beat out d'Orsay. Lots of things to put on my list for my next trip to France!


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