Monday, April 21, 2014

Water under the bridge

This is the bridge over the Cher at Saint-Aignan. More accurately, it's the southern span that connects the left bank (at my back in the photo) to the island, which is quite long, but narrow. The municipal swimming pool is on the island, as well as a good-sized park and the town's garden allotments. Another span to the north of the island connects to the river's right bank. It's here on the Saint-Aignan side that you find the lock and the foundations of the old mill that used to operate adjacent to the bridge.

You can see the lock on the island side of the river. The main stream flows under the bridge's two middle arches.

It rained a little overnight. I heard the drops on the loft windows at one point and the ground is wet this morning. But I don't think we got very much in the way of water. Today is a holiday in France. We won't notice, except that garbage will get picked up a day later than usual.


  1. water is a powerful element indeed.

  2. That water seems to be moving pretty fast. I can see why this would be a good place for a mill.

  3. Did they knock down that old château that used to enjambe the Cher? Chenonceau, I think it was called. I guess they replaced it with this mill.

    heh heh ;)

  4. When I see rushing rivers like this , and then examine the structures under which the water runs, I have to marvel at and appreciate the work of the architects, engineers ( what were they called in the earlier centuries ???) and artisans/workforce who built those bridges.

  5. Wow....I love your photos! Amazing! I lived in Europe (eastern Europe) for a time and miss being there a lot at times. We have some amazing photos from our time there as well. I will visit your blog again!

  6. anne marie, indeed.

    stuart, the bridge is also part dam, to back up water behind to run the mill. At the upstream tip of the island is a spillway over which the northern branch of the river flows. It takes the overflow. On this day, there was no water going over the spillway and the north branch of the river was still, more like a puddle.

    judy, lol!

    t.b., masons?

    charleyl, thanks, and welcome!

  7. That's still a powerful current. Beautiful photo (but then I could say THAT every time).


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