Thursday, April 23, 2015


Many years ago (in 2006, I think), we planted a fig tree in our back yard. The word "tree" is a stretch. I think it's still less than two feet tall. And it's never really produced any edible figs. I should point out that there are marvelous fig trees all around our area. Huge, productive trees. I don't know why ours is not. One cold winter it froze to the ground and we thought that was the end of it. But it came back from the roots the next spring, so we kept it.

I love fresh figs and I'm hoping to get to eat these.

However, in the past two years, the tree has started to get bigger. And this year there are about a dozen tiny figs like the two you see in the photo. I'm hoping, against hope, that this is the start of something, if not big, at least a little bigger.


  1. Walt, my parents had fig trees in the yard, I grew up on the north shore of Long Island. If you wrap them before the freeze starts in the fall, you might have some success. Our trees came back every year. When my parents passed away and we sold the home, my sister transferred the trees to her yard in New Jersey (6 years ago) and they have continued to produce fruit. I think wrapping is key, maybe it is just part of my DNA. Good luck, I wish you figs and prosciutto plates for your summer porch dining :)

  2. Perseverance Walt, perseverance. Good things come to he (or she) who is patient.

  3. Love the photo. Fig trees are slow growing. We planted ours more than thirty years ago and it is taller than our two story house now. Lewis never wanted to prune it, so the birds enjoy lots of the figs that are too far away for picking.

  4. Ohhh, fresh figs. My sister had a huge tree in her backyard, and we all had figs-on-demand. She moved, and now the store-bought just are not the same. I hope you get to enjoy yours.

  5. moi aussi j'adore les figues

  6. angimanzi, thanks! We don't usually have hard freezes, which is why I was caught by surprise.

    ron, you bet!

    evelyn, it's good that the birds like them!

    christine, me too. They're so good right off the tree!

    angevine, c'est trop bon, n'est-ce pas ?


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