Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunny wall

One of the routes that Callie and I walk through the vineyards takes us past one of the old vineyard sheds, most of which are no longer used. This one has no door and is open to the elements, weeds, and wildlife. The only use it gets is as a repository for old water bottles that may or may not get used to protect new vines. On this morning, the rising sun made shadows on the structure's concrete block wall.

The pointy thing in the middle is part of the hinge where the door was.

We're expecting our good weather to continue and we'll be trying to get as much done in the yard and garden as we can through the week. Callie will enjoy rolling in the grass, chasing balls, and hunting lizards.


  1. Something so ordinary can be so beautiful in the right light and through the right eyes.

  2. That's a nice composition there. I have heard that is forbidden to tear down these field sheds (patrimoine), but one is not required to maintain them either, so there ya go.

    We've been hosting family from the States for several weeks so I'm now trying to catch up on my commentaries. Please excuse the radio silence. I wish I had time to go back through all the posts but still got so much to do. You know how it is in retirement.

  3. I have always loved the play of the sun and shadows on our everyday landscape of life.

  4. We are expecting 20C today - first week when we will have double digits on the plus side ( 8 yrs ago we had 14 cm of that white stuff dumped on us when we had changed the winter tires- a long snowy winter 2006-2007) for this tough winter.

  5. mitch, and with the right amount of luck.

    evelyn, it was delicious - tender and good in a nice sauce.

    stuart, yes, retirement is 24/7!

    ron, things look very different with bright sun vs. diffused light.

    t.b., I'll bet you're looking forward to summer!

    gosia, there's nothing really special about this one. Some are more picturesque than others.


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