Friday, April 24, 2015

Red maples

Two red maple trees tower over the drive at the front of our house. When they're fully leafed out, they filter the morning sun on the house's eastern facade. During summer's warmest days, the dappled light helps keep the living room from heating up too much. In winter, when they're bare, the low sun can shine through. When there is sun.

The top of one of the maple trees and its shiny new red leaves, taken from our deck.

The apple trees in back are in full blossom right now. We're in an "on" year for the apples and I'm expecting a lot of them. It will be a pain when they start to fall from the trees later this summer and I have to pick them up before I can cut the grass. Most of them go into the compost pile (you can only eat so many apples), and that's good for the garden.


  1. Could I put my name down for a barrow or two of your beautiful bramleys? They freeze beautifully if part cooked and we love them!

    1. We will save you as many as we can. Be prepared!

    2. Bramleys?
      Us too, please.

    3. Now, I have to look up that variety of apple (!) New one for me...

      Sorry you've lost the sun. We're having cold weather again and cloudy/grey days here as well. My daughter is leading one of her tours and today is her last day in Paris (all sunny this past 7 days) and then she's off to the Dordogne - probably she'll have the same weather you're having now...

      Mary in Oregon


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