Friday, April 03, 2015


Nothing much going on around here right now. This weekend is Easter, a big family holiday in France. Our neighbor across the road told me last week that they were planning to be about forty people on Sunday. I'm half expecting the other neighbors (who also don't live here full time) to show up this weekend. Monday is a holiday, and schools are preparing for their two-week spring breaks coming up.

Little wild daisies (pâquerettes) are blooming all over now. I assume that their name derives from the French for Easter: pâques.

On Thursday, the electric people spent most of the morning taking down the last utility pole that was left standing when the undergrounding was done last year. That pole was in the middle of a vineyard, so I suspect the crew waited until the annual pruning was done to maximize their access. The big trucks, tractor, and backhoe were parked and maneuvered outside our back gate while they worked and I was worried about them leaving big ruts in the muddy ground. But, just before they left, they used a front-loader to fill and smooth the ruts. Once the grass grows back over it, it should be okay. Maybe I'll take pictures of it this morning for posterity.


  1. Happy Easter weekend to you and Ken. I hope the weather cooperates. I'll be watching some b'ball lol.

  2. Happy Easter!
    The holiday-makers that aren't coming to your neighborhood are in London now.

  3. How nice that the workers smoothed out the ruts and didn't leave a mess. Happy Easter to you, and happy spring.


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