Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How green was my hamlet

It's getting there. The leaves are coming, at least the ones on the trees. It will be a while longer before the vineyards leaf out. This stretch of warm weather is helping a lot, though.

The leaves are coming! The leaves are coming!

And now the European clay court season is under way in Monte Carlo. Men's clay court tennis started last week with tournaments in Houston, USA, and Casablanca in Morocco. But this week they're playing dirtball on the continent, working their way toward Roland Garros in Paris at the end of May.


  1. Great photo, and I love your title (you film buff, you).

  2. So sad - the leaves are leaving and I'm raking them up every weekend in OZ. Just did a post on the mess in the back yard.

  3. judy, well, there's one way to be "buff!"

    leon, it's that time of year!


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