Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hot time

The weather people keep telling us that our current weather resembles July. It's very nice for April, that is true, with high temperatures in our area in the low 20s (low to mid 70sF). Today is expected to be the warmest day this week before we plunge back into more seasonable weather, with rain.

Wooden posts in the vineyard.

We've been sleeping with the windows open; the loft gets warm in this weather. Night brings familiar sounds of owls and croaking toads mixed with the low hum of cars on the distant autoroute and the occasional train speeding through the valley. When I get up during the night, the sky is crystal clear and the stars are brilliant. If, indeed, July (and August) are like this, we will be lucky.


  1. This is the right time in the right place for you.

  2. So glad winter has at last left you. Wishing you a little bit of spring!

  3. I like seeing the staked vines. They remind me of the many stakes my dad used in our big garden. He staked his lima and green beans, plus a few of his more than 100 tomato plants. A good number of the tomatoes were grown against a long fence we had.
    Our weather this week is rain every day- I think you can imagine that lol!

  4. Oh, for a crystal-clear night sky. And silence.

    Lovely picture of the vineyard stakes, but I'm still laughing over "How green was my hamlet."


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