Thursday, April 30, 2015

The hydrangeas

In the fall of 2013, I made cuttings from our single hydrangea plant and rooted them for a few months before transplanting them into pots. Last summer, after we dug up some tired old roses, I planted six of the new hydrangeas along the front of the house. They've made it through their first outdoor winter and now they look like this:

Three of the new hydrangeas in their permanent home. The board is Bertie's ramp up into the garage.

The growth is impressive for their first year in the ground. Some of them even have flower heads forming. As they continue to grow, they should make a nice flower hedge against the house with plenty of green from spring through fall. I'm really happy with how this worked out. The photo below shows the plants in December 2013 just after I potted them up.

Little hydrangea cuttings, rooted and potted, nearly a year and a half ago.


  1. If the wall gets plenty of sun, its heat retention will help them a lot. In Melbourne we can grow semi tropical plants if they are against a north facing brick wall that stops frost by giving out some heat overnight.

  2. That is amazing growth for only this time of year! My two hydrangea plants in the front only have about 3 inches of green growth-- barely visible.
    I'm so glad that you're keeping us up on their growth. I remember when you first started them. Great work!

  3. They look great. You definitely have two green thumbs!

  4. i lost some of each plant during the latest freeze.....some of the leaves had already come out and temps were in the low 20s....i just hope we get some blooms this yr......we've had gorgeous blooms in the past but the last couple of winters have been so harsh that we havent had many blooms.....

  5. Well done! Bertie is a smart fellow to walk that plank's incline.

  6. Is the log barrier around the hydrangeas new? You do have 2 green thumbs and several green fingers, too.

  7. Walt,
    You can root hydrangeas? I didn't know this. Thanks!


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