Friday, April 10, 2015

Pruned and ready

The pruning is nearly done in the vineyards. Here and there I can still see people pulling the cut vines off the support wires and lining them up on the ground between rows. The tractors will soon be out to grind the cut stems into mulch. It won't be long until leaves start to appear on the bare vines.

It's nice to think that the whole summer is ahead of us. Of course, we're not through with spring yet.

I'm getting the grass cut. It's taking longer than I thought it would for two reasons: there are more mole hills to remove than I expected and the grass has gotten very tall and thick. It's usually like this the first time each year. It's also nice to spend a little time sitting out on the deck, puttering with potted plants or just sitting watching the buds on the trees get fatter. The leaves are coming!


  1. The yard loos well- organised

  2. I remember when I was gardening there was no thrill quite like the anticipation of spring and new plants ready to shoot forth.


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