Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The first poppy

Here is the first coquelicot (poppy) that I've seen this year. It's out in the vineyard, where a few patches pop up here and there every season. Elsewhere, these prolific bloomers will paint entire fields with their bright red color for a few weeks as spring progresses. I hope to see some when we're out and about, and if I'm lucky I'll have the camera with me.

A single flower in bloom with at least six more on the way.

Temperatures have dipped again to below normal for this time of year. Outdoor work is slowing, but I still managed to plant some seeds (indoors) for zucchini, cucumbers, and several varieties of winter squash. Once they germinate, they'll go into the mini-greenhouse on the deck until it's time to set them out in the garden. That will be some time in mid-May.


  1. I love them too. In Poland we have usually poppies in May

  2. Quite appropriate given the Gallipoli history at the moment. A beautiful vibrant red!

  3. That's a lovely shot. Still haven't seen any over here, but hopefully soon.


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