Monday, April 06, 2015


Somebody left a juice box behind in the vineyard. I took the photo, but I didn't pick up the box. I should take a little bag out with me next time. It's funny to see a box of grape juice among the grape vines. The French word for grape is raisin; what we call raisins are raisins secs (dry grapes) in French.

Pure grape juice.

The sun has come out again and things are drying up a little outdoors. Of course, with the clear skies, the early morning hours are chilly. But it's nice to see the sun and enjoy bright days for a change.


  1. Walt, I'd be sorely tempted to hang it on a vine!!
    Somewhere noticeable.... like the end of a row...


  2. It's so rare to see litter around this part of the world that when you do it stands out.
    It's one of the many great contrasts between here and where we have our UK home. There, litter is everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere. The nearer to "cIvilisation" you get, the deeper the piles of litter.
    It's one of the things that depresses me a great deal when we go "home".

  3. My idea of "grape juice" is wine.


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